Piling Caps
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Product Overview

Protect the pilings of your marina with these attractive piling caps.

These easy-to-install plastic piling caps are an excellent, easy way to protect costly pilings from internal rot. Available in size increments from 5-1/2" to 18" diameter. Larger round caps and various square caps, both "Flat" and "Cone" are also available.

Installed by drilling nail holes and attaching with galvanized roofing nails or stainless-steel screws.Available in two styles, standard "Flat" or "Cone." The "Cones" are designed to help discourage sea birds from landing on them and make it easier to throw lines over pilings.

Caps are made from heavy weatherable polyethylene with an estimated life in excess of 15 years for black caps and in excess of 9 years for white caps. Actual life of piling caps is not guaranteed. SSi’s thermoformed black caps are specified for applications requiring an extended service life in extreme conditions such as caps for composite utility poles.

Measurement / Installation Guidelines

After you have cut all pilings to the appropriate height, measure the top of each piling at its widest point to select the appropriate piling cap size. If the measurement falls between two sizes, then we recommend selecting the next larger size.

Pre-drill each piling cap with three to four holes evenly spaced around the perimeter of the cap. Install the piling cap using stainless steel ring shank nails or stainless steel screws. It’s important that the pile caps remain round to ensure that the end result is aesthetically pleasing. To accomplish this, we recommend that you only install the fastener until it is flush with the pile cap (do not screw in tight against the piling). There may be some unnoticeable small gaps under the cap where the piling is not perfectly round.


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