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257 White Surfacing Putty - Pint


Hazard Shipping – Ships ground in U.S. Lower 48.
Model # 117846 | Mfg # Y257/PT
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For above-the-water surface prep before painting

Fast-drying compound fills fastener holes and gouges. Fairs up minor imperfections on bare wood or fiberglass. Sands easily. Don‘t apply over painted surfaces. Don‘t thin. Pint.

  • Formulation: One-part above-water putty
  • Recommended Usage: Filling fastener holes and minor imperfections on bare surfaces
  • Drying: To touch: 30 min. to 1hr.; sandable: 1 to 3 hrs.
  • Thinner: Do not thin.
  • Cleanup: 216, Model 117598
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: On

257 White Surfacing Putty - Pint

Best Use Above Water; Filling Fastener Holes and Surface Imperfections
Capacity Pint
Color White
Cure Time 2 Days (To Touch: 1/2 Hour
Sandable: 3 Hours)
Type One-Part Surfacing Putty