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Saltwater Fishing Made Easy Clearance

Saltwater Fishing Made Easy

Model # 10976116 | Mfg # 007146722X

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In Saltwater Fishing Made Easy, author Martin Pollizotto draws on 40-plus years of personal experience, as well as knowledge gleaned from generations of fishermen before him, to present every method commonly used to catch saltwater gamefish in U.S. waters. No other book presents this level of practical detail on so many aspects of the sport, including equipment, strategies, and techniques as well as ethical, legal, and safety issues. Pollizotto examines and explains the natural feeding behavior of all the most popular Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coast species as the key to understanding what tactics and equipment work best in any locale and season. Martin Pollizotto.

Saltwater Fishing Made Easy

Author Martin Pollizotto
Pages 384
Type Fishing Guidebooks