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550 Paracord - High Strength Orange Utility Cord


Model # 15100514 | Mfg # PC550-04-5031
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Originally created as suspension lines for parachutes, the lightweight, semi-elastic, weather-resistant, and quality braided nylon paracord makes it a versatile, durable alternative to rope, with hundreds of uses.

Tested for 550 pound breaking strength, 550 Paracord is excellent for bundling small loads and rucksacks, for use in harnesses, clothes line, dummy cords, guy lines, snare lines, hanging bear bags, for use as boot and shoe laces - any task where light cordage is needed. In a pinch, you can pull the guts from the outer case and use the inner strands for fishing line, zipper pulls - even dental floss.

  •  Package includes 50' of 1/8"dia. 550 Paracord
  • 150lb. working load
  • 550lb. breaking strength

550 Paracord - High Strength Orange Utility Cord

Type Utlity Cords