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The Waterman: The Patriot and the Great Cannon Train

Model # 10909919 | Mfg # 9781928782254

This item is no longer available.

Based upon the diary of one of General George Washington's staff officers, The Waterman recounts the seemingly impossible transport of 59 cannon 300 miles over land and water from Ft. Ticonderoga to Boston in the dead of winter 1776. These cannon gave General Washington the missing artillery he desperately needed for his stunning, first victory over the invincible British forces. During this two-month heroic exploit, facing ferocious weather and daring attacks by British spies, the story’s protagonist, Continental Navy Lieutenant Dan Saunders, perseveres with cunning and audacious courage. Together with his loyal compatriot, Paul Williams, a former pirate and slave, the pair lead a ragtag crew of volunteers to prevail and turn the tide in one of young America’s most inspirational, early milestones toward independence.

Author Norris van den Berg was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, where he developed a passion for sailing and naval history. He admires the spirit and ideals of the early Revolutionary patriots and has attempted to share this passion in his first novel.