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Small C-Cleat, Wedge Kit


Model # 11850278 | Mfg # RF5402
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Made of lightweight carbon fiber, C-Cleats are light, strong, simple, long-lasting and abrasion-resistant. Reversible jaws effectively double the life of the cleat and are kind to expensive line, yet grip tenaciously. Beveled cam tops and low spring effort require minimum force when inserting line. Self-lubricating, self-cleaning, Teflon®-impregnated slotted bearings, for lower frictional resistance and quicker response than ball bearings, which deform under load.

Fast Track Fairleads: Easily attached composite one-piece fairlead offers precise cleating and release from any angle and lower entry resistance for off-center cleating. Compact, low-profile design won’t catch lines or clothing.

Rope Guides: mounted on the load side of the cleat, assures correct alignment of control lines.

Wedge Kits: Used in some applications to provide correct alignment, wedge kits can be stacked in opposite directions to create a parallel riser. Use up to three for 11°, 22°, or 33° tilt.

Small C-Cleat, Wedge Kit

Type Risers & Wedges