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Model # 8025116 | Mfg # PBO014B

Product Description

Affordable performance and comfort improvement for racers or cruisers

Take advantage of one of the most significant performance upgrades available for sailboat owners cost effective PBO standing rigging that's lighter, stronger, and fully compatible.

POWERLITE PBO Rigging combines several innovative and patent pending technologies to create the only synthetic drop-in solution that adapts to existing hardware, and fits any boat between 22'- 40'. POWERLITE PBO Rigging provides race proven technology, superior quality and a price comparable to rod. Sold exclusively through West Marine Rigging, POWERLITE PBO Rigging brings America's Cup technology to the racing community at a price that provides the best performance value for your money. Powerlite PBO is now offered as standard equipment on the Melges 32 and can be found on the C&C 115, Grand Soleil 37, and Dolphin Catamarans.

PBO fiber (polybenzoxazole) is the next generation super fiber, offering the highest strength and modulus of any synthetic fiber now available, almost double that of kevlar (p-Aramid fiber).

POWERLITE end-fittings, or terminations of POWERLITE cables are composed of a hard coated aircraft aluminum terminal with a hollow, expanding interior cavity. Specially engineered high-performance resin is then infused into the terminal cavity, encapsulating and bonding to each individual strand of PBO. The result after controlled curing is a composite termination entrapped within the aluminum terminal. This technology in combination with Applied Fiber's processing technologies provide a termination that outperforms traditionally used "compression", "spike and cone", or "friction" fittings in breaking strength, fatigue resistance, length stability, and performance repeatability.

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  • POWERLITE PBO Rigging saves up to 65% of rigging weight aloft and is 18% stiffer on average than 1 x 19 stainless wire
  • More upright sailing angle more comfort on deck
  • More power in all conditions but especially in light to moderate winds less motoring
  • Increase in rigging stiffness of 18% better sail shape and power transfer
  • Safer in tension shock loading less fatigue to rigging components
  • Will not conduct electricity safer in electrical storms



Diameter 1/4 Inch
Type Cable