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Rope Clutches


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XAS Powerclutches

From  $79.99

XTS Powerclutches

From  $139.99

Powerclutch XX


XCS Powerclutches

From  $234.99

D1 Rope Clutch, Single 6-8mm New


V-Grip Rope Clutches, Double

From  $191.99

Rope Clutch Spring Kit


Replacement Handle for XAS Clutches


V-Grip Rope Clutches, Single

From  $109.99

V-Grip Rope Clutches, Triple

From  $284.99

D2 Rope Clutches

From  $95.16

XAS Powerclutch Base Upgrade


Constrictor® Rope Clutches New

Reg. From  $160.22

Save up to $18.70

From  $141.52

XTR Side Mounting Kit


Black XTR Single Powerclutch New


Small Sure Grip Cam Cleat with Eye Strap


Silver XTR Single Powerclutch New


XTR Powerclutch Replacement Handle


XAS0612/4 Quadruple Powerclutch


Open Base Cleat, 6", Silver


Citrus XTR Single Powerclutch New


White XTR Single Powerclutch New


Viewing 1-26 of 26 items