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Sailing Cleats

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Carbon Fiber C-Cleats

From  $21.29


From  $5.99

Bull's-Eye Fairlead/Cleat on Swivel Base

From  $57.99

Riser/Curved Surface Adapter, Suits Medium C-Cleat and T-Cleat


Swivel 180 Swivelling Cleat Platform with C-Cleat


Front Mounted Fairlead, Small, Suits Small C-Cleat and T-Cleat, Black


Carbon Fiber C-Cleat, Wedge Kit


Carbon Fiber C-Cleat Medium Fast Track Fairlead


Carbon Fiber C-Cleats, Rope Guide, Small


Small C-Cleat, Wedge Kit


Ultimate Swivel Cam Base


Vee Jammer Cleat


Rope Guide, Suits Medium C-Cleat and T-Cleat, Black


Medium C-Cleat, Riser/Curved Surface Adapter


C-Cleat Ball-Bearing Base


Viewing 1-15 of 19 items