Ken Seipel

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Seipel

Ken is a self-proclaimed retailer by choice who has spent the last 35 years perfecting his craft. From a high school job at the local general store to the seasoned retail veteran he is today, he carries over his love of driving sales and margin into his love of finding great wines. Never one to shy away from a good Cab, he’s often on the hunt for a great bottle of international red for under $20.

Ken took the helm at West Marine in December 2018, and quickly found it the most exhilarating time of his career. He is most excited about the opportunity to strengthen the West Marine brand.

Around the office, he can often be heard using a variety of catchphrases to drive the team to action, like: “it’s time to land the plane,” or “this is where the rubber meets the road.” He has promised to add some nautical phrases in the near future.

Throughout his career, Ken has been known for driving brands, value propositions, operational improvements, and enhancing customer experiences. He is passionate about refocusing West Marine on serving the needs of boaters and overdelivering on value in everything we do and service to our customers.

In addition to his extensive retail experience, Ken is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys farming and amateur photography. He volunteers for the United Way, Salvation Army, and youth athletics.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.