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6 Items
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Anchor packages provide an all-in-one solution for anchoring your boat.

West Marine offers boat anchor kits as a convenient way for boaters to purchase an anchor, line and chain for anchoring a specific length of boat. While many boaters prefer to assemble their ground tackle themselves, certain others desire a pre-assembled package that includes all the components. Apart from anchor packages sold under the West Marine and Seafit brands, West Marine also offers Fortress aluminum anchor packages.

West Marine Traditional, Performance2 and Economy Anchor Packages

West Marine branded anchor packages include our Traditional Anchor Package, our Performance2 Anchor Package and an Economy Anchor Package which we sell under the Seafit label. All include galvanized steel, pivoting, fluke-style anchors patterned after the original Danforth Design. This type of anchor provides excellent holding power in sand and mud due to the large surface area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir flukes.

Quality components include premium, three-strand, nylon anchor line and premium hot-dipped galvanized chain—proof coil for Traditional and Economy and high-test for Performance packages. Regarding the rope to chain connection, the rope of Traditional Anchor Packages is shackled to the chain whereas Performance2 Anchor Packages have a rope-to-chain splice—which is an important consideration if you plan on using a windlass.

West Marine Economy Anchor Packages are intended for light-duty use in protected waters. They are offered with a choice of 4-, 8-, or 13-pound sizes. Their lower price stems from the less sophisticated design of the anchor coupled with a length (just 4 feet) of reduced chain and reduced diameters of the line. Economy anchor packages are a good choice for boaters who want a ready-to-use anchoring set-up for emergencies and who are not planning on using the anchor regularly.

Fortress Anchor Packages

Another option to consider is a Fortress Anchor Package. Compared to galvanized steel anchors (like those included in West Marine's anchor packages) Fortress aluminum anchors provide greater holding power with reduced weight. Like other anchor packages, Fortress Anchor Packages include an anchor rope and a length of chain.

For More Information

To learn more about anchors and for help with selecting an anchor of the correct weight for your boat, check out our West Advisor articles: Selecting the Right Anchor and How to Anchor Securely.