Sport Trim Tab, 12" x 12", Fits boats to 25' L

Sport Trim Tab, 12" x 12", Fits boats to 25' L

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Model # 488171 Mfg # ST12-SV
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Get the most from your boat, no matter what the load, speed or sea conditions, with Bennett trim tabs.

Designed for performance boats, these special heavy duty tabs meet the demands of high-speeds. Engineered to operate effectively at speeds up to 70 mph, these tabs feature powerful dual hydraulic actuators to handle the increased loads and pressures of high-speed running. No bleeding necessary.

Increased Performance
Most boats are designed to plane at a particular speed and weight distribution. When weight increases, or speed decreases, the stern settles down and the boat becomes less efficient. Trim tabs counteract this tendency and can be set to allow the boat to achieve its most efficient attitude whatever the weight or speed.

Increased Fuel Efficiency
When the stern is down your hull pushes a ''hill'' of water in front of it, which requires more energy to overcome. The hull drag and prop angle also contribute to this fuel-robbing inefficiency. Using power trim alone to overcome this inefficient stern drag requires the prop to lift the stern as well as provide forward propulsion. Prop slippage is increased and rpm, along with fuel, are wasted. Trim tabs adjust independently of your power trim and allow each to be trimmed separately for maximum efficiency.

Increased Safety
With the bow high your visibility forward is greatly reduced. Using trim tabs to adjust the boat to the proper running attitude preserves forward vision.

Compatibility Boats 12 to 25 Feet Long
Dimensions 12" Length x 12" Width
Style Sport
Trim Tab Actuator Hydraulic Double
Trim Tab Control Type Tactile Rocker Switch
Type Trim Tab Kits
Warranty Five Years