Tundra® 35 Marine Cooler


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Invest in a cooler that is ready for any adventure, anywhere, any time.

TheTundra® 35 is great for all around use; the smaller size is easy to stow aboard almost any boat or inside your car or truck. Perfect to pack a quick lunch for an afternoon on the water or a last minute run to the lake. With an interior dimension of 10 5/8"H x 9 7/8"W x 14 3/8"L this cooler will hold enough snacks and food for half a day or 20 cans of your favorite beverage—with a 2:1 ice ratio.

The Yeti Fatwall™ Design

Yeti Fatwall™ design provides 2" of seamless insulation on the walls and bottom and 3" of insulation on the lid for superior ice retention. Commercial grade polyurethane insulation, known as Permafrost™, is pressure injected into the walls and lid of the cooler and sealed to prevent water intrusion. Air is the enemy of any cooler; to prevent ambient air from entering the cooler with the lid closed, a freezer-style gasket and interlocking lid design create an impenetrable barrier.

Rugged from start

The extra-tough, roto-molded, one-piece, food-grade, UV resistant polyethylene body is designed for a lifetime. Integrated self-stopping hinges are molded into the body and lid to eliminate lid leashes and surface mounted butt hinges that are common sources of failures. Military-grade polyester rope with textured rubber grips let you carry a loaded cooler with confidence knowing the handles won’t break unexpectedly. Heavy duty T-handle latches are made using a patented technology for excellent strength and durability.

More Great Yeti Features

Tundra® coolers are packed with features anyone can appreciate. To drain a Yeti, a recess in the floor directs every last drop of water to the gasketed leak-proof drain. The drain plug features course threads that won’t be effected by a little sand or some fish scales. The included wire basket keeps sensitive items out of the icy waters and is coated for corrosion resistance. Molded into the body of the cooler are lashing loops that accept 1" webbing straps that will not interfere with access to the interior or effect the freezer-style seal. These loops can also be used to hold optional accessories such as drink or rod holders or locking systems to secure the cooler to the boat, truck bed or trailer. Bearfoot™ pads at each corner provide non-slip grip if you choose not to lash the cooler with straps. Molded into the lid are two holes for pad-locks to secure the cooler’s contents and give the cooler a bear-resistant container certification. The handles and heavy duty latches are replaceable should a grizzly or a teething Labrador puppy get to them.

Invest in your adventure

Whether you’re headed out on an epic journey or just a day on the water, don’t let a failed cooler be the story you bring back to civilization. Let the story go something like: “Standing on my Tundra®, I was able to cast far enough to get into a school of bone fish” or “Without our Yeti, we wouldn’t have been able to have Tri-Tip and cold beer on the 5th day out.”

Key Features

  • Extremely durable one piece roto-molded construction
  • UV resistant food-grade polyurethane
  • Fatwall™ design provides 2" insulation for sides and bottom, 3" insulation in the lid
  • Permafrost™ commercial-grade insulation for superior ice retention
  • Integrated self-stopping hinge with stainless steel pin
  • Polyester rope handles with textured rubber grips (replaceable)
  • Patented heavy-duty T-handled lid latches
  • Molded in tie-down loops
  • Certified bear resistant when pad locked using integrated pad lock holes
  • Includes dry-goods basket to keep sensitive items out of the ice
  • Bearfoot™ non-slip feet grip to deck to prevent cooler from slipping
  • Interlocking lid design with freezer style gasket
  • Compatible with dry-ice
  • Color: White
  • Available in a wide range of sizes in several colors to fit any adventure
  • Five-year warranty

The Yeti Story

Ever fallen through the lid of a cooler while standing on it to cast just a little further or while loading kayaks on your truck? Has a cooler ever dropped on your toe because the handle snapped under the load of albacore tuna? Does your cooler look a bit like Frankenstein with a mix of chandlery and home center hardware and a little duct tape? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have something in common with the founders of Yeti.

Born out of frustration, the Yeti Tundra is the solution two outdoorsman brothers came up with to replace the fragile and inadequate coolers that were the norm. With a desire to spend more time fishing, in the wilderness and further away from power outlets and civilization the Seiders brothers developed a superior cooler and, as they put it “over engineered the hell out of it”. Design was purely focused on performance—not market studies or passing trends. The goal was to create an extremely durable cooler that has superior ice retention for extended periods of time.

Tundra coolers are made to be dragged aboard, kicked around, lashed to the deck and doused in saltwater then used as a casting platform while continuing to protect your prized catch or your week’s provisions. Though not typically an issue with boaters, the Tundra is strong enough to withstand an attack by a hungry grizzly should the situation present itself.

Tundra® Owner’s Manual

Selection Guide

ModelWeightExt Hgt OverallExt Hgt from LatchesExterior TopExterior BottomInt HgtInterior TopInterior Bottom
TUNDRA 3520 LBS15 3/4"11 1/4"L 21 3/8" x W 16 1/8"L 20 1/8" x W 13 3/8"10 5/8"L 15" x W 10 3/8"L 13 7/8" x W 9 3/8"
TUNDRA 4523 LBS15 3/8"11 1/8"L 25 3/4" x W 16 1/8"L 24 1/2" x W 13 3/8"10 5/8"L 19 3/8" x W 10 3/8"L 18 3/8" x W 9 3/8"
TUNDRA 5026 LBS17 3/4"13 1/2"L 24 1/4" x W 17 5/8"L 22 3/4" x W 14 5/8"12 1/2"L 18" x W 11 3/4"L 16 5/8" x W 10 3/8"
TUNDRA 6529 LBS16"11 3/4"L 30 5/8" x W 17 1/4"L 29 3/8" x W 14 3/4"11 1/8"L 24 3/8" x W 11 3/4"L 23 1/8" x W 10 5/8"
TUNDRA 7534 LBS17 1/2"13 3/8"L 33 1/2" x W 17 7/8"L 31 7/8" x W 15 1/8"12 7/8"L 27" x W 12 1/8"L 25 5/8" x W 10 3/4"
TUNDRA 10536 LBS19 7/8"15 3/4"L 30 7/8" x W 19 3/4"L 29 1/4" x W 16 5/8"14 5/8"L 24 5/8" x W 13 3/4"L 23" x W 12 3/8"
TUNDRA 11039 LBS20"15 3/8"L 37 1/2" x W 18 1/8"L 35 3/4" x W 15 1/8"14 3/4"L 31" x W 12 1/4"L 29 3/8" x W 10 7/8"
TUNDRA 12548 LBS20"15 5/8"L 40 1/4" x W 19 7/8"L 38 5/8" x W 16 1/2"14 1/2"L 33 7/8" x W 13 7/8"L 32 1/4" x W 12 1/4"
TUNDRA 16054 LBS21 3/8"16 3/4"L 45 5/8" x W 19 3/4"L 43 5/8" x W 16 1/2"16 1/8"L 38 1/2" x W 13 3/4"L 37" x W 12 1/4"
TUNDRA 21062 LBS24 1/8"19 5/8"L 39 3/4" x W 25 3/4"L 37 5/8" x W 22 1/4"18 1/2"L 33 1/8" x W 19 1/2"L 31 1/8" x W 17 5/8"
TUNDRA 25070 LBS21 3/8"16 7/8"L 55 5/8" x W 22 7/8"L 53 3/4" x W 19 5/8"16 1/8"L 49 1/8" x W 16 7/8"L 47 1/2" x W 15 3/8"
TUNDRA 35089 LBS23 1/4"18 3/4"L 63 1/2" x W 24 3/4"L 61 1/2" x W 21 1/4"17 3/4"L 56 7/8" x W 18 3/8"L 54 5/8" x W 16 3/4"


Tundra® 35 Marine Cooler

Name Value
Capacity Twenty 12 Ounce Cans
Color White
Construction Rigid Roto Mold
Cooler Type Hard-Sided Cooler
Dimensions 21" Length x 16" Width x 15 1/2" Height
Drainage Yes
Dry Storage No
Hinge Hardware Stainless Steel
Latch Material Rubber
Locking Yes
Material Polyethylene
Slip Resistant Yes
Warranty Details Ten Years
Wheels No


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Tundra® 35 Marine Cooler


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