Shop for whisker poles and spinnaker poles at West Marine. Online and in West Marine stores you will find a broad selection of whisker poles and spinnaker poles. Spinnaker poles are complemented by spinnaker gear that includes spinnaker pole chocks, spinnaker pole end repair kits and twist-lock pole repair kits. Choices include aluminum whisker poles and carbon fiber whisker poles. Spinnaker pole kits are offered with a choice of end fittings. If you don’t want a kit, you can assemble your own pole. Start by selecting spinnaker pole tubing and then choose your end fittings. West Marine offers whisker pole end fittings and spinnaker pole end fittings from several manufacturers. Respected brands include Ronstan and Schaefer and Forespar. End fitting styles include external trip line end fittings, automatic socket end fittings, plus trigger style end fittings. You will also find a variety of whisker and spinnaker pole mast cars, chocks and mounts. Chocks and mounts include station-mount pole chocks, deck-mount pole chocks, mast-mount pole chocks, vertical pole storage cars and mast pad eyes.