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Marine Epoxy Resin 101

Epoxy products are used in a wide variety of boat construction and repair projects. Types of epoxy products include epoxy glues for bonding similar or dissimilar surfaces together, putties to fill cracks and voids, adhesives for permanent bonds of dissimilar materials and sealants for leaky seams and underwater repairs. Epoxy resins can be used for bonding purposes or to create a moisture barrier over wood, fiberglass and a variety of metals. Whether you are using epoxy below the waterline or above, on manufactured or wooden boats—high strength, moisture-resistant epoxy resins are often the best choice for your project or repair.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy is easy-to-use and customizable to match your needs.

Boaters have been turning to the WEST SYSTEM family of products for more than 30 years. For many boaters, easy-to-use WEST SYSTEM products are the go-to solution for making a wide variety of boat repairs. The mainstay of WEST SYSTEM’s family of products is their 105 Epoxy Resin. This is a two-part resin that can be modified by users with a variety of additives to give it the properties required for the job at hand. For example, it can be modified to create a fairing compound, to increase its abrasion resistance, fill gaps or for use as an adhesive. Available hardeners can also be used to change the properties of 105 Epoxy Resin. As a two-part epoxy, 105 Epoxy Resin must be mixed with one of four WEST SYSTEM hardeners. These are 205 Fast Hardener, 206 Slow Hardener, 207 Special Clear Hardener and 209 Extra Slow Hardener. It is important to mix these hardeners in the exact ratio specified by the manufacturer. While you can do this by carefully measuring your resin and hardener, read on for an easier way.

WEST SYSTEM 300 Mini Pumps ensure you always get the right mix.

Do not forget to purchase the 300 mini-pumps from WEST SYSTEM. The package comes with one pump for your 105 resin, one for hardeners requiring a 3:1 mix ratio and one for hardeners requiring a 3:1 ratio. These pumps make it very easy to dispense 105 Resin and your choice of hardeners in just the right ratio and in the quantity you need for your project. One pump of the 105 and one pump from your 3:1 or 5:1 hardener will provide the perfect mix to catalyze the resin.

What can you do with epoxy resin?

Properly stored, WEST SYSTEMS resins, hardeners and additives will last for years and allow you to mix what you need to make many general repairs onboard your boat and around your home. From sealing a beautiful strip canoe to repairing fiberglass boats to laminating replacement plywood flooring for your boat, these products have a range of uses that is really only limited by your imagination.

To learn more about the WEST SYSTEM family of products, read our West Advisor article, Do-It-Yourself: Using Epoxy Systems. For more inspiration, be sure to check out the WEST SYSTEM Project Page.