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Fishfinders & GPS

Standalone combo units make sense for most owners of mid-sized boats. Use GPS for navigation to the fishing grounds, view only the fishfinder or see both on split screen.

If you only want to see what’s below, standalone dedicated fishfinders give the biggest display and the best performance for the lowest cost.



Additional Products with Fishfinder Capability

Multi-function displays are made to be used individually, or as the hub of a comprehensive onboard network.

Pair the power and convenience of a multi-function display with a radar in one easy kit.



Sonar & Accessories

The transducer is the heart of a fishfinder system, changing electrical pulses into sound waves or acoustic energy and back again.

When used with compatible fishfinders, black box sonar modules can increase power and enhance performance.

Fishfinder Technology Explained

Fishfinders allow anglers to see a graphic representation of what is beneath their boats and identify fish. To choose a fishfinder, consider the type of unit—whether it includes GPS and is part of a boatwide network, the size of the fishfinder’s footprint, and what frequencies will work best in the environmen...


What is CHIRP Sonar?

Lots of us are still using sonars with single-frequency, dual-frequency or even triple-frequency transducers, which have served anglers well for about 30 years. This article will help you to understand CHIRP, and what it can do to improve your fishing and boating.


What is Scanning Sonar?

Scanning sonar is a new sonar technology that’s taking off in the recreational boating market. This technology produces near-photographic quality sonar images.


Selecting a Sonar Transducer

A Transducer is the device that sends out the sound waves and then receives the echoes, so the fishfinder can interpret or “read” what is below the surface of the water.