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Keep fishing rods and reels organized and safe.

Beyond the thrill of landing a trophy fish or the enjoyment of a day on the water, part of the fascination of fishing arises from the gear itself. This can be seen in the appreciation that anglers have for the craftsmanship that goes into building a premium fishing rod, or the perfectly choreographed ballet of moving parts in a modern fishing reel.

Given this appreciation, if you are like other anglers, you probably want to keep your fishing rods out of harm’s way. West Marine makes this easy with an outstanding selection of fishing rod racks offered for interior or exterior installation on boats—or for your home where you can showcase your fishing rods and reels to friends. Choices include rod racks by Taco Marine, Tigress, Organized Fishing, Whitecap and more.

Storage solutions for the boat and for the home

For the boat, overhead rod racks (installed under the canopy of a T-top or within a boat’s cabin) plus bulkhead-, gunnel- and transom-mount racks keep rods out of the way but within easy reach.

For the home, freestanding and wall-mounted rod racks make it easy to keep tackle organized and safe. In addition to storing rods and reels, some of these racks include shelves where tackle bags and boxes can be kept. While many of these racks are built strictly for utility, others are furniture-grade creations suitable for a prominent location in the home.