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Improve your fishing experience with ECHOMAP Plus combos STRIKER™ Plus – The fishfinder with GPS and Quickdraw Contours mapping ActiveCaptain app for the ultimate connected boating experience
Garmin Marine: Compact Touchscreen Chartplotter/Sonar Combos(742 & 942) Garmin Advanced All-in-One Combo Solutions (1042 & 1242) Panoptix: All Seeing is Believing with Garmin

About Garmin

Garmin makes owning, navigating and fishing off a boat effortless. Simply turn on the device, follow the intuitive menu and immediately enjoy a day on the water. With everything from easy-to-use fishfinders to intricately networked systems and displays from 4”–24”, Garmin masters boating needs for vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Garmin Technology Overview


Designed for all fishing environments, the ™ Plus provides a clear view under the boat, and the ability to create high-definition Quickdraw custom maps and record favorite fishing spots using GPS.

Gamin ECHOMAP™ Plus

Enjoy the ultimate fishing experience with ECHOMAP™. Plus Fishfinder/Charplotter Combos. These feature larger displays, hybrid touch screens and ActiveCaptain compatibility for mobile devices.

Garmin GPSMAP®

Hold the power of five standalone displays in one screen. Garmin GPSMAP® devices are simple to use, have large displays and are fully networkable with other systems.


A free mobile app that connects mobile devices to compatible Garmin Chartplotters, providing access to charts and maps, the ActiveCaptain Community, smart notifications and more.

Garmin quatix®

Wirelessly connect a best-in-class Multisport GPS Smartwatch with compatible Garmin marine electronics to manage and monitor your boat everywhere.

West Advisor Articles

Garmin ActiveCaptain™ Combines Smart Boat Tech with Social Networking

Garmin ActiveCaptain™ Combines Smart Boat Tech with Social Networking

Garmin calls their ActiveCaptain™ app an "all-in-one app for the ultimate connected boating experience." In this article, we'll look at ActiveCaptain™ and see what this new app can do for boaters.

Doppler Radar Helps Boaters Avoid Collisions

Doppler Radar Helps Boaters Avoid Collisions

We're all familiar with the Doppler Effect, which we experience every time a fire truck roars by with its siren blaring. This commonplace effect that makes the siren's pitch drop to a lower frequency as the truck passes is now harnessed in new Garmin Fantom radar units.

Fishfinder Technology Explained

Fishfinder Technology Explained

Fishfinders allow anglers to see a graphic representation of what is beneath their boats so they can identify fish. To choose a fishfinder, consider the type of unit—whether it includes GPS and is part of a boatwide network or stands alone.