Pierce the Dark with a Hand-held Spotlight

When on the water at night, hand-held spotlights give you the ability to quickly examine rigging from the deck, identify navigation hazards and scan the shore for docks or landmarks.

Built for Use on the Water

A comfortable pistol-grip makes spotlights easy to hold. Some feature rubberized sections on the handle for a non-slip grip when your hands are wet. Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses will not break if they collide with other items in a storage locker. All of the spotlights we carry are water resistant at the very least while our West Marine brand lights are IP67-rated.

Long Run Times Thanks to LEDs

LEDs are more efficient than halogen bulbs which improves battery life. Rechargeable batteries in our hand-held spotlights provide up to eight hours of run time on high light settings and emergency S.O.S lights run for up to 24 hours on some models. Select spotlights are equipped with both 12-volt DC chargers and 120-volt AC chargers so you can charge your light at the helm or from a standard outlet. Many spotlights will also work while plugged in if you forget to charge up. LEDs produce less heat than halogen bulbs as well, so you don't have to worry about burning your fingers on a hot bulb after using your spotlight for an extended amount of time.

Stop Guessing

Stop wondering if you’re going to run aground or collide with an out-of-place buoy. With a high-powered spotlight you can see exactly what’s in the water around your boat—and avoid an unfortunate accident at night.