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LED Lighting Technology

Light Emitting Diodes, more commonly known as LEDs, operate at lower temperatures, use less energy, tolerate vibration better and last far longer than conventional incandescent bulbs. They also do not contain small amounts of toxic mercury, an environmental disposal hazard associated with fluorescent and comp...


Let Us Light up Your Boat!

We offer a comprehensive selection of marine lighting products for virtually every purpose on your boat. Choices include an extensive array of interior lights—plus lights for installation above deck, including navigation lights, flood lights, spot lights and docking lights. Need to replace your trailer’s lights? You’re at the right place! Need a headlamp, flashlight or a hand-held spotlight? We have you covered in those departments too.

Stay Visible on the Water After Dark

Few experiences beat a peaceful night on the water, but if you’re going to be out after sunset, other boaters need to be able to see you. We carry navigation lights that comply with U.S. Coast Guard regulations to help keep you visible and legal on the water after dark. We also carry personal safety lights to help rescue crews spot you if you are ever separated from your boat.

Lights for Above or Below Deck

Choose from our selection of LED interior or exterior lights to brighten any area of your boat; flood lights for above deck work areas, cabin lights for kitchen and sleeping areas, utility lights for engine rooms and storage compartments, docking lights for returning at night and courtesy lights to keep stairs and walkways safe after dark. Whatever light you need, you can find it here. The energy savings of marine LED lighting also allow you to run your lights longer than traditional lights without draining your power reserves.

Replace Burnt-out Bulbs or Upgrade to Energy Saving LEDs

We offer replacement bulbs with base types to fit almost any application on your boat, including double and single contact bayonets, G4, Bi-pin and festoon. LED replacements from Doctor LED and West Marine are plug-and-play replacements for your old incandescent bulb and draw much less power.

Trailer Lights

Meet the legal requirements and ensure that your trailer is seen by others with a dependable set of LED trailer lights. LED trailer light kits from popular manufacturers such as Grote Industries and Wesbar are a great way to upgrade from incandescent bulbs. LEDs are virtually maintenance-free, are not susceptible to thermal shock and are great upgrade for your trailer.

Portable Lights

Online and in our stores you will find high-powered flashlights, spotlights, headlamps and other portable lights. Wearing a headlamp is a great way to free both hands for the job when tackling tasks at night.

Whatever boat-related light you need, we’re sure that we have one that fits.


For help with selecting navigation lights, read our West Advisor article Navigation Light Rules. Of course, West Marine associates are always ready to help at a store near you.