Marine appliances give you the comfort and convenience of home while on the water.

It is easy to take for granted the luxuries afforded to us in our homes; preparing dinner with enough counter space, a stove and oven large enough to cook a meal for your whole family, loading all your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, washing dirty clothes whenever you need to. Oftentimes while performing our routine household chores we are on auto-pilot, unaware of how much harder these daily tasks would be on our boat without the convenience of our home appliances. Having the right appliances installed on your boat can turn a laborious journey at sea into a comfortable voyage.

Whether you own a sailboat, trawler, cabin cruiser or fishing boat, West Marine carries the brands you trust and marine appliances you need to outfit your home away from home. Depending on your boating type and lifestyle, your needs will vary. Is your battery bank large enough to keep your appliances running? Can you sufficiently charge your battery after the juice is gone? Do you need an inverter? These are all questions to ask yourself when contemplating which appliances you may want to install on your boat.

For instance, if you are out at anchor a lot, electrical power is scarce. You will need to be sure that your electrical set up will be adequate to run your appliances. However, if you live on your boat and can hook up to shore power, appliances are a lot easier to run and maintain.

A home cooked meal at night, clean clothes after a dunking, a cold beer after a long day, or loading the dishwasher instead of washing every dish by hand―enjoy these luxuries of home after a long day on the water.

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