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Lubricate moving parts with quality marine grease.

Marine-grade grease is used to lubricate, protect and ensure the proper functioning of moving parts that rub against each other. Specific applications for marine grease include throttle and shift cables, steering system cables, swivel pins, trailer wheel bearings, outboard tilt tubes, prop splines, U-joints and a host of other applications. Lithium-based grease is preferred because it resists breaking down in saltwater. West Maine sells Quicksilver and Sierra branded grease in 8oz. tubes and in 14oz. cartridges that can be loaded into a grease gun. Apart from lithium-based grease, West Marine offers other types of grease, such as synthetic dielectric silicone grease, dry lubricant with PTFE technology and assembly lube—which is a good grease to use when assembling an engine.