Stay safe while paddling in a paddlesport specific life jacket.

When it comes to paddlesports, fun and efficiency are at the forefront of your mind. However, participating in these activities safely and with a proper life vest is just as important. Whether you kayak, stand-up paddleboard, whitewater raft or canoe, West Marine offers a wide variety of specialized life jackets designed specifically for paddlesports.

Paddlesport PFDs combine freedom of movement and protection so you can feel unencumbered while paddling to your destination. Designed with larger armholes and foam distributed away from your normal arm movement, paddlesport life jackets help prevent chafing while performing repetitive motions. Kayakers may need vests with high-cut waists that don’t interfere with a spray skirt while SUPers may want a belt pack type of inflatable life vest that sits comfortably around their waist. Always remember that manually-operated inflatable vests with chest packs are ergonomic and convenient, but require you to slip the inflated bladder over your head and are only recommended for competent swimmers.