ProSport 12 Heavy-Duty Marine Battery Charger


ProSport 12 Heavy-Duty Marine Battery Charger

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Model # 14152151 Mfg # 43012
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A light, compact, easy to use and install, waterproof onboard charger filled with technology

The ProSport 12™’s exclusive microprocessor and software ensures that all of the available charging amperage is fully utilized to meet the unique demands of each onboard battery and charge it in the most efficient way. After the batteries are charged, the ProSport 12 monitors and maintains the charge only as needed—reducing its AC power consumption. Connection to shore power is made easy by the included 15A plug.

The “System Check OK” and “Battery Bank Trouble” LED indicators are exclusive to the ProSport line and confirm the system is operating properly or help shorten any required time spent troubleshooting. Compatible with flooded and AGM batteries, this smart charger provides three charging modes plus a storage recondition mode which helps extend the life of your batteries. Because this charger is waterproof, it can be installed almost anywhere on the boat. All of these features come in a charger that is 40% lighter than conventional epoxy filled (potted) chargers.

Key Features

  • Distributed On-Demand Technology: Ensures that 100% of the charging amps are fully utilized to meet the demand of each battery onboard. If one battery requires only 2 of the 12 amps available, the second battery will receive the remaining 10 amps. Distribution is based on the needs of each battery.
  • “System OK” and “Battery Bank Trouble” status Indicators: Advanced technology eliminates time consuming troubleshooting by indicating system and battery connections are OK or if an issue is present with a specific battery bank.
  • Energy Saving Mode: After fully charging and conditioning batteries, the ProSport’s™ energy saving mode will monitor and auto maintain batteries only when needed, maintaining a full state of charge. This significantly reduces AC power consumption, lowers operating costs, and maximizes reserve power performance.
  • Storage Recondition Mode: During short or long-term storage, ProSport™ automatically reconditions all batteries on board once a month for maximum battery life and performance. Head to the water knowing that you’ve got the power you need.
  • Digital LED Display Indicators: LED indicators confirm that AC Power is connected, denote charging mode, and battery type selected. There are two charge profiles to choose from included in the box.
  • Pre-wired output leads with ring terminals and inline fuses and 15A input cable makes installation quick and easy
  • Built-in Safety and Quality: the extruded aluminum design is compact and its dual inline fuses protect trolling and house bank batteries. The ProSport has built-in over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, reverse-polarity and ignition protections. This combined in a waterproof package allows this charger to be installed anywhere on the boat within the 6’ cable range of the included AC and DC cables.
  • Ideal Use: One 12V Engine Start + One 12V house or trolling motor battery or Two 12V trolling motor batteries (for 24V application) or Two 12V engine start batteries.


  • Capacity: 12A
  • Volts: 12/24
  • Battery Banks: 1 or 2
  • Chemistries: Flooded, Gel, AGM, and Performance AGM (only on ProSport™ 20 Dual)
  • AC Input Voltage: 90-135V
  • Charging Stages: 3 (plus Storage Reconditioning)
  • Automatic Functions: Distributed-On-Demand® battery sensing and distribution
  • User Selectable Functions: Charging system algorithms, reprogrammable for battery type
  • Status Indicators: LED display of system check, battery bank status
  • Safety Features: Ignition protected, with over-voltage and over-current protection
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Remote Available: No
  • Design Standards: (Marine UL 1236 SB, CSA C22.2 No. 107.2, FCC Class A, ABYC A-28)
  • Temperature Compensation: N/A
  • Dimensions: 9 13/16"L x 7 1/4"W x 2 3/4"H
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Warranty: Two Years

Owner's Manual

Amperage 12 Amps
Compatibility Flooded , Gel , AGM
ISO Approved UL 1236 SB
Multi Bank Chargers 2 Banks
Type Chargers
Voltage 12/24Volts DC
Warranty Two Years
Cancer and Reproductive Harm -