Distress Flag


Tubular Radar Reflector



West Marine wants you to enjoy your time on the water. Being prepared with the right signaling devices will give you the peace of mind to do that. One of the most important safety devices on every boat is a signaling device. This may be a pack of flares, horns and whistles, radar reflectors, safety lights or a collection of safety flags, mirrors and dyes. West Marine offers each of these to satisfy USCG requirements and help keep you and your crew safe. Safety lights are designed to be attached to your life jacket, and some will automatically turn on in the water. They make it easier for rescuers to spot you. Electronic flares are great for nighttime use, but should be paired with distress flags and flares for daytime use. Horns allow for signaling and alerts boat traffic to your presence. West Marine has the safety and signaling devices you need.