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Siren Marine. Boat smarter. Get connected.

Introducing Siren Marine’s Connected Boat System

The power to know—wherever you are—that your boat is safe.

Get connected. Siren Marine’s new MTC Boat Monitoring and Tracking System relieves your worries about leaving your boat unattended on its trailer or in its slip. Monitor, track and control key systems that are shown below, and know that your vessel is safe from thieves, dead batteries or high water in the bilge.

Siren Marine Diagram

Remote Switching

The Siren Marine app gives you the ability to control onboard systems, such as cabin and cockpit lights, air conditioning, battery switches and more.
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Security sensors detect entry or motion on your boat and will stop thieves in their tracks.
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Temperature Alerts

The optional temperature sensor allows you to monitor the temperature of the cabin, engine room, bait locker or fridge.
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Shore Power

Plug the 110 volt shore power sensor into an AC outlet or install the AC relay, and receive alerts if your boat gets disconnected from shore power or there’s a power outage at the dock.
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Bilge and High Water Alerts

Avoid disaster. Receive instant notifications if your boat is taking on water.
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Battery Monitoring

Don’t let a dead battery ruin a day on the water. Receive alerts if the battery voltage is low.
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Engine Metrics

Connect to the boat’s ignition or oil pressure gauge to track engine hours, receive alerts.
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GPS Tracking and Geofence

Track the location and movements of your boat, and receive alerts if it leaves or enters a designated area.
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We Are Siren Marine Installing Your MTC Amazon Alexa Integration

Use your smartphone to make boating safer and more fun

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