Are your trailer’s tires up to the task?

If you, like many boaters, pay little or no attention to your trailer’s tires, now might be the time to inspect them—and if necessary replace them to avoid a blowout or other problems on the way to your favorite coastline, river or lake. When inspecting your tires, look for excessive wear down the center of the tire indicating over inflation or along both edges of the tire indicating under inflation. Feathered wear along one side of the tire can indicate excessive toe in or toe out. If you notice uneven wear on your current tires, make sure to correct the problem when you replace your tires to avoid uneven wear on your new set.

Your one-stop shop for trailer tire replacement

If you need to replace your tires, we are ready to help with boating’s best selection of trailer tires and rims. We offer radial and bias ply tires from C.E. Smith with load capacities that range from 750 up to 3,500 pounds. Most of the tires we sell come preassembled onto a rim. Choices include spoke star and solid rims in four, five and six-lug patterns.


For more help with selecting trailer tires and with all your trailering needs, speak with a West Marine associate at a store near you—or if desired, read our helpful West Advisor Article Trailer Tire Basics.